Get more data in your marketing platforms with RescueMetrics enabled for your website.

Up to 30% of your analytics & conversion data is being lost.

Instantly recover your data in a secure and privacy-friendly way.

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Delivering more data into world-leading platforms and brands.

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Trusted by global brands
Google Analytics hits recovered each month with RescueMetrics
“Using RescueMetrics we’ve been able to avoid investments into remarketing products that customers have already purchased.”
CRM Manager – Rebel Sport
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to install and get started with RescueMetrics
“We’ve seen an increase in our retargeting ads and can track user journeys more accurately looking across Facebook, Shopify, and Google Analytics. We made the call to double down on the ads that we could see were working – because the data was finally accurate.”
Zac Robinson, Co-Founder – Ārepa
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ITP, ETP, and other browser changes are eroding your data quality.

RescueMetrics keeps you prepared for tomorrow:

Automatically install Conversion API
Extend the shelf life and collection of cookies
Avoid lengthy and ineffective server-side tracking set-ups
Remove data discrepancies caused by tracking preventions and signal loss

More accurate data, delivered directly into your platforms.

Before RescueMetrics
Google Analytics before RescueMetricsSegment before RescueMetricsGoogle Ads before RescueMetricsFacebook Ads before RescueMetricsGoogle Optimize before RescueMetrics
After RescueMetrics
Google Analytics after RescueMetricsSegment after RescueMetricsGoogle Ads after RescueMetricsFacebook Ads after RescueMetricsGoogle Optimize after RescueMetrics

28+ Platforms Supported

RescueMetrics provides a future-proof pathway for your data, directly into your existing platforms.

How it works:

Signal LossITP and CookiesConversion API

Drive more sales with the right investments.

With more visibility over customer journeys and channel attribution, along with fewer discrepancies in performance data, marketers can make confident decisions about where to invest next.

Performance Marketers

Skip the long-haul IT project.

RescueMetrics provides the benefits of server-side tracking – with more transparency over results, and at a fraction of the cost. With a one-time and no-config installation, I.T teams can remove data discrepancies and get back to higher-value work.

Data & Analytics Leaders

Get more credit for your campaigns.

By unblocking analytics and conversion data, agencies can quickly demonstrate the real performance of campaigns – and provide insightful recommendations to clients for future marketing decisions.

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A range of the platforms supported by RescueMetrics

Start your 21-day free trial with a simple 3-step setup.

RescueMetrics creates a safe pathway for your analytics. Upon sign up, you will be supplied with simple instructions to:

  • Set up a first-party DNS record under your domain
  • Add a one-line script inside your website page template – before any marketing/advertising tags

Once installed, the pathway will be established and more data will instantly begin flowing to your platforms.

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