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From $80 USD per month
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What you get:
Improves Data Quality
Protects Cookie Lifetimes
Supports Analytics Platforms
Supports Tag Management Solutions
Direct email customer support
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From $160 USD per month
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All of Essential, plus:
Supports Ad Conversion Pixels
Supports CRO and A/B Testing Tools
Video call onboarding support


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All of Premium, plus:
Supports Google DV360/SA360
Supports Marketing Automation + CRM
Supports Customer Data Platforms
Dedicated success manager

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A range of the platforms supported by RescueMetrics

Start your 21-day free trial with a simple 3-step setup.

RescueMetrics creates a safe pathway for your analytics. Upon sign up, you will be supplied with simple instructions to:

  • Set up a first-party DNS record under your domain
  • Add a one-line script inside your website page template – before any marketing/advertising tags

Once installed, the pathway will be established and more data will instantly begin flowing to your platforms.

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Frequently asked questions

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I need to cancel my subscription – how do I do this?
How do I find out how much data I am missing out on due to tracking preventions?