Get more credit for the campaigns you manage.

Partner with RescueMetrics to unblock your clients’ analytics while capturing better insights for future channel investments.

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Data discrepancies, declining campaign performance, and rising costs are a growing challenge for today's data and performance-focused agencies.

iOS updates, cookie collection preventions, and ad blockers are rising in power and prevalence – blocking up to 30% of key data points from reaching your analytics.

Managing client expectations and educating them about how analytics are impacted by browser and iOS changes is a persistent challenge.

Insufficient campaign data is making it appear that campaigns are consistently underperforming – influencing future advertising decisions.

RescueMetrics is your competitive advantage in a world with tracking preventions.

The RescueMetrics
Partnership Programme

Join the community of performance marketers committed to using quality data for their clients' marketing decisions.

Gain confidence in reports and recommendations with accurate (and more) data

Provide clients with a safe and unique solution to today’s tracking prevention and privacy challenges

Effortlessly stay ahead of future tracking & privacy changes

Get more credit for the campaigns you manage

“As soon as we switch on RescueMetrics for a client, channel performance boosted with all the unlocked data flowing through. Our client managers are also more confident reporting campaign results knowing that what we’re seeing is accurate.”

— CEO, Uprise Digital

Let your client’s success be your success too.

  • Demonstrate an uplift in media performance
  • Remove analytic discrepancies
  • Give confident recommendations about future online media spend
  • Proactively help clients get more value from their analytics
  • Help digital teams avoid expensive and bandaid-fix server-side solutions

Become a leader in
data-driven marketing.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news about tracking prevention and privacy updates that could impact your digital performance.

We’re keeping a finger on the pulse of these changes so you don’t have to!

  • Receive monthly updates
  • Access insights from industry leaders
  • Connect with the community of data-driven marketers

No added configurations, integrations, or platforms to manage.

Once your client has implemented RescueMetrics, unblocked analytics will show directly in existing reporting dashboards.

  • Access real-time updates of data rescued
  • Avoid investing in internal resource for lengthy and costly server-side solutions
  • Connect RescueMetrics data directly with Google data studio
  • Receive 15% rebates paid quarterly, per client

Join the RescueMetrics community

We can get you set up to manage the too autonomously, or work with your team on an ongoing basis if needed.

Start with a discovery workshop with a RescueMetrics analytics expert
Carry out the 2-step implementation process to test any client domain
Monitor results and the uplift in engagement make longer
Roll out to your other customers and receive a 15% rebate, per customer

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