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Prove the real impact of your campaigns, while offering the world's most comprehensive solution to protect your clients' data.

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Let us be your sidekick

We work with agencies, contractors and technology providers to help you be your client's hero.

Retain your clients

Improve campaign results, optimize platform performance and deliver better reports by unlocking critical data.

Earn new revenue

Collect rebates every quarter, per client you refer or manage.

Minimize paid media costs, and waste

With every dollar spent on paid media able to tracked, and optimized, the right amount of budget can be allocated per channel, and used more efficiently.

Trust your data

Say goodbye to discrepancies between ad platform, Google Analytics and CRM data. We unlock critical data across 39 different marketing tools.

Choose how you partner

We can set the dial where you need to ensure your team find the right balance of support and autonomy with RescueMetrics. We start with a shared pilot, and then tailor our approach with you from there.

“As soon as we switch on RescueMetrics for a client, channel performance boosted with all the unlocked data flowing through. Our client managers are also more confident reporting campaign results knowing that what we’re seeing is accurate.”

— CEO, Reason

Support will always be at your fingertips

With our team spread across 5 different timezones, you can always connect with us over Slack and email to get the help you need.

  • Join our community of performance marketers, data geeks and analytics extraordinaires
  • Get coaching to help talk to your team and prospective clients about RescueMetrics
  • Have a dedicated partner manager to provide onboarding guidance for new clients and strategic advice on how to maximize platform performance with RescueMetrics

Not another platform to manage

RescueMetrics automatically integrates with every platform in your client's marketing stack. That means no added configurations, integrations, server costs, or APIs to manage. After a 3-step set up, you'll unlock critical data directly in the tools you already use, without disrupting your workflow.

Here's how to get started

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Have an introductory chat with a partnership manager

Pick your pilot client(s)

Introduce RescueMetrics to 1-2 pilot clients

See the impact

Assess the before-after impact of RescueMetrics inside your client's platforms.

Collect rebates!

Receive a 15% revenue share, per client you onboard, every quarter.*

*for 2 years

It's a win-win

Better campaign results, client outcomes and revenue rebates await.

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