How Cluey Learning accelerated growth & reduced cost per acquisition by closing the lost data gap

November 11, 2022

Cluey Learning is an online learning solution that allows students to learn at their own pace with guidance from an expert tutor and with content tailored to their needs. Parents across New Zealand and Australia utilise this platform as it provides better learning outcomes for kids and flexibility for households.

With over 1 million tutoring sessions completed, Cluey is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Australia & New Zealand. With a marketing spend of >$1 million per month, their marketing team are tasked with optimising and improving the outcome from every $1 spent, especially on paid ad channels such as Google ads & Facebook ads.

Cluey built their own tracking and attribution system, which combined with ad platform pixels provided a comprehensive picture of where success was being driven from, and where budget was being wasted. With the rise in ad blockers, iOS tracking policies and other privacy changes, however - the comprehensive picture was slowly decreasing with a higher proportion of website traffic, and events that mattered to Cluey were unable to be attributed to the correct source due to poor data quality.

Restoring data quality with a 2-step setup.

Cluey Learning trialled RescueMetrics to see what impact this would have on campaign performance and data quality. By the end of the one-month trial period, they could see:

  • An increase in tracked conversions across paid ad platforms - with previously missed conversion events now being sent to the ad platform.
  • An improved ability to track returning visitors and the steps they took via Google Analytics and other tracking solutions.
  • An improvement to their own proprietary cookie-based tracking system which enabled lead quality optimisation.
  • A greater ability to optimise and improve marketing spend - and reduce cost per acquisition.

Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hubspot, Google Ads, TikTok, Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn, Outbrain, Doubleclick/Floodlights, Pinterest Ads, Hotjar along with Cluey’s self-built tracking system were all missing data due to browser disruptions. RescueMetrics is now supporting all of these tools, ensuring the team at Cluey are improving the outcome from every $1 they spend on marketing.

Over the past 2-years, RescueMetrics has restored user cookies being prematurely reset for over 33% of Cluey’s users. Alongside this, 12% of conversion data has been unblocked, along with 4% more visibility over iOS purchase events:

A dashboard snippet from Cluey Learning's RescueMetrics portal

This means:

  • Cluey have increased audience visibility, with a boost in their total visitor numbers - due to adblock users now being visible in the analytics.
  • Returning visitor numbers are increasing, while new visitors decrease - due to cookies being restored for 180 days rather than 24 hours.
  • Direct and unknown sales have decreased - with more conversions attributed to the channels and campaigns they came from.
  • User conversion paths have much more data to accurately show the interactions users had with Cluey Learning’s website, beyond the previous 3-day limit.

Commenting on RescueMetrics, Cluey’s Head of Marketing Duncan Jones, had to say:

“With increased disruption to previously used tracking and attributing methods - analysing digital marketing, determining where success is coming from and making the right decisions was getting harder and harder. We trialled RescueMetrics and were impressed, not just with the software solution but with how friendly, knowledgeable and happy to assist - the entire team were. From initial enquiry through to onboarding we received advice on how we can improve our entire tracking solution with custom-built solutions to fit with our setup implemented at no additional charge. We even get proactive emails and monitoring to let us know if/when we can make adjustments to improve how we track and optimise! Plus ongoing advice when needed. Really impressed with the outcome, experience and team.”

We look forward to continuing supporting Cluey Learning and their future growth for years to come.

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