An automatic Conversion API set-up to protect in-app analytics

Connect your Facebook Pixel account with RescueMetrics to mitigate the negative impacts of iOS 14 (and beyond).

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Conversion API, without the complexities and cost.

RescueMetrics detects when a user’s device will cause tracking disruptions inside your existing Pixel setup - and automatically converts those analytics into Facebook’s Conversion API.

Link server events to your Pixel tracking setup, automatically

Restore user-level tracking without added configuration

Avoid the complex Conversion API install process and ongoing IT overheads

RescueMetrics Dashboard

App Tracking Transparency Enrichment Enabled

ATT downgrades the trackability of your app-to-web campaigns. RescueMetrics restores data quality via an automatic conversion to Conversion API.

Users affected by App Tracking Transparency

See the impact with a live dashboard

  • Reveal lost conversion data
  • Increase ROAS
  • Optimise your Facebook Ads with more data
  • Capture full customer journeys​
  • Remove discrepancies across your MarTech/AdTech platforms
How to install RescueMetrics

Setting up RescueMetrics and Conversion API is a simple 3-step process. Upon sign up, you will be supplied with simple instructions to:

  • Set up a first-party DNS record under your domain
  • Add a one-line script inside your website page template – before any marketing/advertising tags
  • Supply your Pixel I.D token so it can be link to your account

Once installed, a safe pathway will be established for disrupted data - and up to 30% more analytics will instantly begin flowing to your platforms.

With a one-time install, RescueMetrics recovers all other lost data caused by tracking preventions:

RescueMetrics for Signal LossRescueMetrics for Cookies

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