Frequently asked questions

How do I access the RescueMetrics data?
How does RescueMetrics get around tracking preventions?
Are there any privacy considerations I need to be aware of?
The set-up instructions say I need to access and update my DNS. What does this mean and how does the implementation work?
As I add new marketing tools to my site, do I need to change my RescueMetrics setup?
I need to cancel my subscription – how do I do this?
How do I find out how much data I am missing out on due to tracking preventions?
What tools does RescueMetrics support?
Are there privacy concerns with RescueMetrics cookie collection
What happens if a website visitor rejects cookie consent?
What is the benefit of extending cookies?
How is RescueMetrics able to resolve data loss from ad blockers?
Does RescueMetrics support all features of the supported tools?
How much added data can I expect to see once RescueMetrics is implemented?
What is the benefit of installing Conversion API?
Does RescueMetrics Conversion API have the same benefits as setting it up manually?
How is the RescueMetrics Conversion API install process different from building it ourselves?
How is user data integrated to support enhanced match rates?
Do I need to change anything inside my Pixel set up?

No lengthy IT projects, maintenance, or workflow configuration required.

See results in a matter of days, after a 3-step set-up.