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November 16, 2022

Meetup is the global go-to platform for finding and building local communities, connecting people around the world since 2002.

Since installing RescueMetrics, the digital marketing team has restored conversion data, in a privacy-compliant fashion, that was previously blocked - helping the company make more confident decisions when allocating marketing budget. Here are some case study highlights:

  • On average, 11.4% more conversion data is now accessible inside Google Analytics. In general, 19.88% more user data is making it to all of their marketing platforms.
  • The number of user touchpoints recorded along conversion paths inside Facebook increased by 41% over 3 months.
  • More website events and hits are being recorded.
  • Click-through conversions linked to campaigns have increased every month.
  • More data from paid social activity is available.
  • Investments in Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Quantcast, Google Ads, TikTok, Microsoft Ads, Criteo, LinkedIn Ads, DoubleClick and Pinterest are optimized with more data unlocked for each of these platforms.
  • Time and expensive resources have been saved by avoiding an alternative lengthy server-side IT project.
“I’m pleased we have a solution that is allowing our marketing team to make data-driven decisions based on the best information possible.” - VP Marketing, Eileen Gilbertson

Read on to get the full story:

As a performance-focused digital marketing team, Meetup looks to quality data for decision-making. Due to ever-evolving Internet privacy regulations, conversion analytics quality and media ROI has been in decline.

These trends prompted Meetup’s VP of Marketing to explore new solutions that could restore ad tracking/performance data across every platform in their MarTech stack. 

A future-proof solution to protect marketing data, without compromising user privacy.

Meetup installed RescueMetrics in April 2022, and the digital marketing team has been breaking campaign performance records ever since.

“With RescueMetrics, we have a lot more confidence in our multi-channel approach and how we allocate marketing spend.”

RescueMetrics solves all causes of signal loss between user browser data and marketing platforms: ITP/ETP, ATT updates, adblockers, secure browser modes, and VPNs.

With RescueMetrics in place, 40% of anonymized (and consented) 1st party cookies prone to premature expiration are now protected. 20% of user data which previously was not reaching any of Meetup’s marketing platforms has become accessible. The company also enabled RescueMetrics’s automatic Conversion API feature to bring back visibility over iOS analytics lost post-iOS 14. 3% more of these Facebook conversion events are now being captured with this in place.

A snippet of Meetup's RescueMetrics dashboard

In the weeks and months following the install of RescueMetrics, Meetup has had more:

  • Traffic become visible inside Google Analytics
  • User touch points recorded along conversion paths
  • Events and hits recorded for the website
  • Click-through conversions linked to campaigns
  • Data from paid social activity
  • Higher value users

“Our CPA has improved, we’re back to accurately allocating budgets - based on the performance of different channels”.

RescueMetrics is restoring Meetup’s data across: Google Analytics, Facebook, Quantcast, Google Ads, TikTok, Microsoft Advertising, Criteo, LinkedIn, DoubleClick and Pinterest.

A custom parameter inside Google Analytics has been introduced, in addition to the RescueMetrics dashboard, so that the unblocked data can be monitored - and conversions specifically linked to RescueMetrics can be attributed.

RescueMetrics was the only solution they could implement cost-effectively - and stand up quickly. Between unblocked traffic and protected cookies, they’re seeing more users, and fuller customer journeys due to corrected attribution.

“We have better understanding of our customer - in terms of what their marketing journey looks like across different channels. This is helping with our messaging. We can see what’s working.”

With RescueMetrics’s quick set-up and a free trial, the team met few barriers in giving this solution a go!

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