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November 2, 2022
Maze empowers product teams to continuously collect and consume user insights across the entire product development cycle

Seeing discrepancies between their Segment data and Amplitude Analytics, Maze’s technical marketing team were investigating the causes of disappearing user data and how to improve campaign attribution. 

They suspected that blocked browser data could be at the root of the problem - and ran a trial with RescueMetrics to see what impact unblocking this would have.

Throughout Maze’s 30-day free trial, they could see an 80% reduction in unattributed conversions - and could better match their Segment data with Amplitude data. Along with this, they were able to diagnose issues with their initial ad tracking set-up - as it became clear that not all conversion events were being captured. 

A snippet of Maze's RescueMetrics dashboard, demonstrating the data packs restored per platform.

Using their RescueMetrics dashboard, they were able to see that Amplitude and Segment were not the only tools impacted by blocked user data. Google Analytics, Optimize, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Pixel and Hotjar had all been operating without the right data needed to optimize and provide accurate insights. By restoring these broken pixels/tags:

  • Unblocked Facebook, Google Ads and LinkedIn data now means ad platforms are optimizing to efficiently target the right audience - driving improvements in ROAS
  • Additional Hotjar data is being captured, meaning hidden users have been revealed and Maze can avoid skewed user insights (as blocked data would have been impacting specific audiences more than others)
  • Remarketing lists can grow, with more users visible - and disclude those who have already converted, minimizing any wasted media spend
  • The right number of users are being captured inside Segment and accurate journey information is attached to each to provide better insights

RescueMetrics could demonstrate the number of blocked tags/pixels that were needing to be restored each day to power up Maze’s stack with the right data. Along with this additional data into Maze’s platforms:

  • 22% of 1st party user cookies are now being protected - as these had been getting prematurely reset by Safari and Firefox browsers. RescueMetrics has been restoring these cookies to give Maze full visibility over customer journeys and stop repeat visitors from counting as new users inside Segment
  • 6% more conversion data has been made available from browser data previously blocked, along with in-app iOS traffic impacted by iOS 14 (and the updates since).

“RescueMetrics is providing the foundation needed to power up our marketing platforms with the right data. We can be confident we’re working with accurate insights, and are maximizing our platform investments”

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