Resolving discrepancies between CRM data and Google Analytics.

September 28, 2021

Rebel Sport is a leading retailer facing intense online competition. Ensuring that Ad Platforms have the right data to optimize against - and that investments are being made in the best performing channels, is imperative. 

Noticing declining digital campaign performance (that was not reflected in sales figures), their e-commerce team were exploring the causes of analytics discrepancies/disappearance - and were introduced to RescueMetrics.

A solution to support all platforms across Rebel Sport’s MarTech stack.

Rebel Sport has an extensive SAP and Marketing Automation setup. They were looking for a quick solution that could encompass all platforms, without the need for ongoing configuration, maintenance, or infrastructure costs. RescueMetrics provided the most value due to the simplicity, cost, and effectiveness - compared to manual workouts with server-side.

Visible results within weeks.

Following the 3 step sign-up process, Rebel Sport had RescueMetrics set up within a matter of days (once approved internally) - and day by day could monitor the incremental data flow to their platforms. 

(A snippet of one section of Rebel Sport’s dashboard showing the incremental data points being picked up over the past 30 days - per platform).

Unblocked Analytics, Conversions, and Cookies. 

13% of additional online user data is now being rescued month to month - and with the rising use of Ad Blockers amongst their target demographic, this number is set to grow.

With this additional and accurate data, Rebel Sport is experiencing more conversions, enhanced attribution - and marketing efficiencies. With RescueMetrics, their team can:

  • Reduce the frequency of ads being shown to customers who have already purchased
  • Gain increased performance from in-platform bidding engines
  • Make more informed budget allocation decisions with fewer biases
  • Similarly; experience less demographic bias in A/B testing resulting in winning variants being much more likely to succeed
  • Reduce discrepancies across platforms in general - mainly as seen between their CRM data and Google Analytics
  • See that direct and unknown conversions are decreasing - while all other conversions in their channels are increasing.

Along with this connected data, RescueMetrics is restoring over 40% of Rebel Sport’s users cookies - vastly opening up the opportunities for better remarketing. By being able to improve the accuracy of customer journeys, Rebel Sport is experiencing:

  • Returning visitor numbers increasing, while new visitors decrease - due to cookies being restored for 180 days rather than 24 hours.
  • User conversion paths have much more data to accurately show the interactions users had with the website over a 180 day period.
“Using RescueMetrics we’ve been able to avoid investments into remarketing products that customers have already purchased.”

Rebel Sport now has more confidence in the analytics and conversion data being used for decision making - while working towards a stronger ROAS.

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No lengthy IT projects, maintenance, or workflow configuration required.

See results in a matter of days, after a 3-step set-up.