How Melodics Have Mitigated Missing Conversion Data

September 30, 2022
Melodics has developed intelligent software designed for musicians (and aspiring musicians) looking to upskill their technical abilities. The team behind this product is small, innovative, and performance-focused.

Unfortunately, their target audience had created a perfect performance marketing storm.

80% of Melodics users fall into the younger male demographic. On top of that, these users are likely to be tech-savvy and skew towards a more affluent market. This means:

  • Marketing analytics were being heavily impacted by the higher use of adblockers, VPNs and other forms of secure browsing popular amongst this group. These tools break the signal between browser data and platform pixels.
  • iOS and Safari users were a lucrative market to target, but ITP/ETP and iOS 14+ changes meant ad platforms are unable to effectively reach this segment.

Because of this, measuring campaign performance was fraught with challenges. The digital marketing team had started to truly see the impacts of these issues following the rollout of iOS 14 in early 2021. They lost 25-30% of their conversion data as a result - and began winding back investments on paid social as they couldn't prove the performance of these campaigns.

Since installing RescueMetrics, not only do they have this visibility back. They also have restored confidence in testing new channels.

“There was essentially no risk in giving this a go. It was quick and easy to set up, supported all of our platforms - and resolves all elements of analytics disruption we were facing”

A snapshot of their RescueMetrics dashboard demonstrating incremental uplifts in data being sent through to their platforms

RescueMetrics has restored user cookies being prematurely reset for over 20% of users. Alongside this, 22% of conversion data has been unblocked, along with 15% more visibility over iOS purchase events.

With key conversion data restored, within Melodics’ first month with RescueMetrics, CPAs began to reduce - and their retargeting audience grew. Google Analytics, Facebook, Microsoft Ads, Google Ads, Doubleclick Floodlights, Optimize, TikTok and Hotjar all required data to be unblocked.

With 25% of key conversion data restored and a 20% reduction in CPAs, Melodics has seen ongoing improvements in ROAS.

“We’ve seen noticeable improvements in the size of our retargeting audience and have renewed confidence in our paid social channels. With visibility back over our target audience too, we’re back to accurately allocating budgets towards digital campaigns. It’s a relief to know we can report the results”

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