A zero privacy
risk solution.

RescueMetrics protects user privacy while giving businesses access to the data needed to drive better online experiences.

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RescueMetrics converts your failed third-party data requests into successful first-party requests.

RescueMetrics works with cookie management platforms to respect users' cookie preferences

Our position on privacy:

RescueMetrics supports the shift to a privacy-first experience online. We also believe this does not need to result in businesses losing visibility over performance data.

Today, businesses are in bidding wars to capture online engagement. Each dollar spent is precious, but without accurate data – planning activity can look more like gambling. Visibility over how different forms of media are performing isn’t something most businesses can afford to lose. 

This loss of data isn’t just bad for marketers – it will also become progressively frustrating for online users. Ads that are poorly targeted or pushing products already purchased will grow in dominance. 

RescueMetrics supports the enablement of user-enabled ad-blocking and tracking prevention. We also support the use of data by marketers to enable better decision-making, without compromising privacy.

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RescueMetrics complies with online privacy standards

Policies implemented controlling user tracking are strictly followed by RescueMetrics – resulting in a net-zero impact on data liability.

Using RescueMetrics requires no updates to your existing privacy policies.

Since all data processing occurs inside your existing platforms, so long as privacy standards are being met throughout your MarTech stack, there are no added obligations to consider.

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RescueMetrics is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

User data is anonymized inside RescueMetrics and erased from our server once secured inside your platforms.

RescueMetrics integrates with leading cookie management platforms.

This ensures that policies implemented controlling user tracking are strictly followed. If a user opts out of cookie tracking, RescueMetrics will adhere to those instructions. All cookie consent settings are preserved across multiple visits.

No lengthy IT projects, maintenance, or workflow configuration required.

See results in a matter of days, after a 3-step set-up.