Server-side tracking made simple.

Install RescueMetrics for an automatic server-side tagging set-up, connecting up to 30% more conversions and analytics across your entire MarTech stack.

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A smarter server-side solution.

RescueMetrics provides full data protection for your platforms, with a fraction of the effort.

No IT project needed

RescueMetrics converts your failed third party data requests into successful first-party requests.

A one-time install to support your entire stack

With a 2-step set-up, RescueMetrics instantly and incrementally resolves tracking disruptions – with no additional configurations or customization required.

Server-side without server costs

The costs of additional servers, hosting, scaling up for traffic surges, software updates, and other security concerns can be mitigated with RescueMetrics.

A more effective solution to tracking disruptions

Common server-side tracking setups typically only resolve about 20% of data quality issues. RescueMetrics dynamically resolves the problem inside the browser itself – and transparently reports results.

See measurable results through a real-time dashboard, and inside your platforms:

  • Optimise your ad platforms with more data
  • Unblock more attribution data to reveal true channel performance
  • Capture full customer journeys​
  • Reveal more conversion data
  • Increase ROAS
  • Run faster, more accurate tests

No developers, integrations or long IT projects required.

See results in a matter of days, after a 3 step sign-up.

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