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Resolve signal loss caused by tracking preventions

Over 40% of internet users report using an ad blocker – and this number is set to grow.

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Data loss meets its match.

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The mechanisms of new privacy-first browsers and extensions mean they’re able to stop tags and pixels from loading – and if they do load, it stops the data from being sent back to your platforms.

RescueMetrics protects and prepares your data for the uptake in privacy-centric browsers and extensions.

RescueMetrics puts your data back into your platforms.

Inside a first-party server on your domain, RescueMetrics registers the disruptions caused by ad blockers and reroutes the data via an alternative route that has been developed to safely avoid the same tracking prevention pitfalls.

RescueMetrics process for rescuing data from ad blockersRescueMetrics process for rescuing data from ad blockers

See the right data, where you need it.

Before RescueMetrics
Google Analytics before RescueMetricsSegment before RescueMetricsGoogle Ads before RescueMetricsFacebook Ads before RescueMetricsGoogle Optimize before RescueMetrics
After RescueMetrics
Google Analytics after RescueMetricsSegment after RescueMetricsGoogle Ads after RescueMetricsFacebook Ads after RescueMetricsGoogle Optimize after RescueMetrics

28+ Platforms Supported

The data corrected by RescueMetrics will automatically show inside the dashboards throughout your MarTech stack. You can ​​also link your Google Analytics account to see specific impacts on sessions, goals, or revenue.

Upon sign-up, RescueMetrics will open a separate dashboard portal where you can also monitor the individual sessions being captured by RescueMetrics in real-time.

RescueMetrics Dashboard

Cookie Protection Enabled

RescueMetrics automatically backs up and restores platform cookies upon each website visit – protecting attribution and identity from ITP and ETP.

user cookies protected

Tracking Prevention Mitigation Enabled

Ad Blockers and browser tracking strict modes can completely disable analytics and ad data. RescueMetrics automatically mitigates these effects.

of users with blockers

Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics

An invaluable tool for analysing the behaviour of visitors to your website as we as monitoring the overall success if your marketing campaigns.

GA hits rescued
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Facebook Pixel

Accurately measure the effectiveness of your Facebook, Instagram and Messenger advertising with unblocked analytics.

FB events rescued
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Built for the privacy-first world

All data passed to your platforms via RescueMetrics is anonymized.


Designed from the ground up to help, not hinder, your privacy compliance initiatives.

User data is never stored long-term on our platform

Policies implemented controlling user tracking are strictly followed – resulting in a net-zero impact on data liability.

Learn how RescueMetrics resolves other data disruptions caused by tracking preventions:

RescueMetrics for CookiesRescueMetrics for iOS & In-App Data

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