Adblockers and browsers are eating your data.

RescueMetrics protects and prepares your platforms for the rapid uptake in new browsers and extensions.

Seeing conversions with missing attribution?

The mechanisms of new secure browsers and extensions stop marketing tags and pixels from loading. This causes signal loss across your platforms - and breaks attribution.

Today, up to 35% of your analytics could be lost due to signal loss.

RescueMetrics restores data flow, without compromising user preferences.

RescueMetrics process for rescuing data from ad blockers

Inside a first-party server on your domain, RescueMetrics registers the disruptions caused by adblockers, VPNs and secure browsers. This data is then safely rerouted and restored directly in your platforms.

Full-scale data protection

RescueMetrics provides a secure pathway for disrupted data

Restore conversion attribution

RescueMetrics provides a secure pathway for disrupted data, preventing lost analytics - and bringing back visibility over campaign attribution.

Remove bias

Adblocker users skew towards specific demographics. With these biases removed, you can unlock accurate behavioural insights - and ensure ad platforms reach the right audience.

Run faster,
accurate, tests

With more traffic processed by your platforms, tests will reach significance faster. More users seeing the right ad variants will also mean your results will be precise.

Prepare your platforms for the future.

Diagnose VPN, ad blocker and secure browser’s impact on your data quality. RescueMetrics provides a transparent dashboard to see the incremental improvement in your analytics.

No lengthy IT projects, maintenance, or workflow configuration required.

See results in a matter of days, after a 3-step set-up.