Know where to allocate your next marketing dollar.

With unblocked data, marketers can confidently run experiments to find what works best.

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RescueMetrics correctly attributes your media spend.

Today’s tracking preventions are disrupting analytics – causing data loss and discrepancies across your platforms. Marketers are facing an uphill battle with cookies disappearing, new iOS limitations, and the global surge in ad blockers.

RescueMetrics is a simple one-time set-up to create a future-proof pathway for your data.

After installing RescueMetrics, revenue can be more accurately attributed to marketing spend
Google Analytics hits recovered each month with RescueMetrics
“Using RescueMetrics we’ve been able to avoid investments into remarketing products that customers have already purchased.”
CRM Manager – Rebel Sport
Facebook Pixel events recovered each month with RescueMetrics
“Using RescueMetrics, we’ve seen improved campaign performance with more data being connected across our MarTech stack.”
GM eCommerce and Online – Briscoes

Stay ahead of changes in online media

RescueMetrics is a future-proof solution for your data. New changes in AdTech and Tracking Prevention will be automatically managed within our software.

See increased performance across your channels

With more analytics, see an instant boost in channel performance – and uncover new growth opportunities.

Remove data discrepancies

No more confusion over which channel data to pay attention to. RescueMetrics corrects data across your entire marketing stack.

Make confident investments in the right channels

With data you can trust, know that the investments you’re making in digital are going towards the best performing channels.

Confident marketing decisions start with data you can trust.

RescueMetrics recognizes when an online session has been interfered with by tracking preventions – and in what platform. It also extends the shelf-life of cookies (to up to 180 days) so that customer journeys can be fully captured. 

The disrupted data is corrected and re-routed directly into your existing platforms – via a safe subdomain path not impacted by AdBlockers or other tracking prevention tools.

No lengthy IT set-up needed.


Test your domain to find out which platforms inside your marketing stack are impacted by tracking preventions.


RescueMetrics will provide CNAME records to be copied and pasted to your DNS to set up a sub-domain - and then a one-line script to be added to your website.


Confirm your payment plan & subscription details. Only pay based on the number of sessions rescued.

See results!

Unblock your analytics! RescueMetrics will feed data that would otherwise be hidden by tracking preventions right to your Google Analytics.

If you’re seeing discrepancies in your data or questioning the performance of specific channels, let RescueMetrics give you the insights.

  • Access to up to 30% more analytics throughout your marketing stack
  • Remove data discrepancies across your platforms
  • Discover new insights to drive better online media spend and ROI
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