You don't need an army of developers to resolve data quality.

RescueMetrics resolves data loss, quality, and maintenance challenges – with a fraction of the effort.

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Already exploring a server-side solution?

Installing new conversion solutions means time is being invested into unsustainable and ineffective IT overheads:

  • Steep learning curve
  • Limited platforms support
  • Increased IT overhead
  • Maintenance and scale limitations
  • Limited success measures
RescueMetrics vs Serverside

Know more. Waste less.

Fully transparent results to measure real-time performance improvement.
Avoid unsustainable and high IT overheads.
Ensure future investments are based on accurate data.
Build for endless scale and fluctuations in data collection.

Sweeping privacy and software updates are impacting ambitions to become data-driven.

With up to 30% of data blocked from your platforms today, opportunities for strategic and performance improvements are disappearing.

Understand the causes of data loss
Before RescueMetrics
Ad blockers and ITP/ETP implementations are stopping data from getting to your marketing platformsAd blockers and ITP/ETP implementations are stopping data from getting to your marketing platforms
After RescueMetrics
RescueMetrics recovers data, ensuring your marketing platforms' data is complete and accurateRescueMetrics recovers data, ensuring your marketing platforms' data is complete and accurate
increase in user traffic with RescueMetrics
“The installation process was really straightforward. We had it up and running within a few days once we were comfortable with how it worked.”
Digital Channels Manager – Trustpower

A privacy and compliance-centric solution to boost performance across your entire technology stack. 

RescueMetrics does not store or share any of your data.

GDPR and CCPA compliant

Designed from the ground up to help, not hinder, your privacy compliance initiatives.

Integrates with leading cookie management platforms

Ensuring that policies implemented controlling user tracking are strictly followed.

Preserve cookie settings

Avoid losing consent between user visits – after it has been granted.

User data is never stored long-term on our platform

Policies implemented controlling user tracking are strictly followed – resulting in a net-zero impact on data liability.

RescueMetrics is a simple, safe, and one-time installation. Once connected with your existing platforms & tags, no ongoing configuration or maintenance is needed. Upon sign-up, a separate dashboard portal will open where you can monitor the individual sessions being captured by RescueMetrics in real-time.

RescueMetrics Dashboard

Cookie Protection Enabled

RescueMetrics automatically backs up and restores platform cookies upon each website visit – protecting attribution and identity from ITP and ETP.

user cookies protected

Tracking Prevention Mitigation Enabled

Ad Blockers and browser tracking strict modes can completely disable analytics and ad data. RescueMetrics automatically mitigates these effects.

of users with blockers

Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics

An invaluable tool for analysing the behaviour of visitors to your website as we as monitoring the overall success if your marketing campaigns.

GA hits rescued
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Facebook Pixel

Accurately measure the effectiveness of your Facebook, Instagram and Messenger advertising with unblocked analytics.

FB events rescued
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Start your 21-day free trial with a simple 3-step setup.

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RescueMetrics creates a safe pathway for your analytics. Upon sign up, you will be supplied with simple instructions to:

  • Set up a first-party DNS record under your domain
  • Add a one-line script inside your website page template – before any marketing/advertising tags

Once installed, the pathway will be established and more data will instantly begin flowing to your platforms.