Protect your
first-party data.

RescueMetrics prevents cookies deprecation, extending the shelf life from days-weeks, to back to 180 days.

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Prepare for the cookieless future with more first-party data.

ITP and ETP changes have substantially shortened the shelf-life of cookies – and can prevent them from being registered entirely. This is removing visibility over returning visitors, and breaking campaign attribution.

With a simple install, you can regain visibility over your users

RescueMetrics has a mechanism to safely extend the shelf-life of cookies by backing them up in the user’s browser - and then restoring them when people come back to your site.

Prevent cookie deprecation

RescueMetrics safely backs up and restores cookie data when users return to your website.

Capture full customer journeys

Without expiring cookies, repeat website visitors can be tracked so you get accurate insights into consumer behaviour and channel effectiveness.

Say goodbye to discrepancies

RescueMetrics removes misleading website traffic whereby repeat visitors to your website appear as “new”, and attribution is broken.

Deliver a better ad experience

Use accurate cookie data to enable relevant advertising that acknowledges the customer journey and their preferences.

No lengthy IT projects, maintenance, or workflow configuration required.

See results in a matter of days, after a 3-step set-up.