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Prepare your data for the cookieless future.

ITP and ETP changes have substantially shortened the shelf-life of cookies – and can prevent them from being registered entirely. This is causing data discrepancies and preventing customer journeys from being measured accurately.

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Restore your cookies.

RescueMetrics has a mechanism to safely extend the shelf-life of cookies by backing them up and then restoring them when people come back to the site. This extends the cookie shelf-life from days-weeks, to now up to 180 days. 

With RescueMetrics, cookies are preserved for 180+ days, instead of only 1-3.

Capture full customer journeys

With extended shelf-life of cookies, repeat website visitors can be monitored to understand buying behaviour and channel effectiveness.

Avoid data discrepancies

Resolve misleading website traffic whereby repeat visitors to your website appear as “new” due to short cookie windows.

Deliver a better ad experience

Use more cookie data to enable better, targeted, advertising – acknowledging customer journeys and user characteristics.

Built for the privacy-first world

RescueMetrics does not store or share any of your data.


Designed from the ground up to help, not hinder, your privacy compliance initiatives.

Integrates with leading cookie management platforms

Ensuring that policies implemented controlling user tracking are strictly followed.

Preserve cookie consent settings

Avoid losing consent between user visits - after it has been granted.

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