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October 5, 2021

Arepa is an innovative team competing in the cluttered Wellness industry. Having explored the relationship between nature, neuroscience, and nutrition - and conditions needed for optimum cognitive performance, they have successfully launched a range of healthy and energy-boosting beverages. 

As a small business facing intense competition online - and initially low brand awareness, it has been key in these early stages to be very precise with where they place their digital marketing investments. However, with discrepancies across Shopify, Google dashboards and Facebook Ads, they were concerned that decisions about Ad spend were becoming more based more on “gut feel” than on accurate data. Then they were introduced to RescueMetrics.

“RescueMetrics came at the perfect time with growth in our online store”

“We made the call to double down on the ads that we could see were working - because the data was finally accurate”

Unblocked Analytics, CRM Data and Protected Cookies. 

On average over 7% of conversion data is now being rescued month to month - and with the growth in conversion disruption, this number is set to continue trending upwards over time.

Along with this unblocked data, RescueMetrics is restoring over 21% of Arepa’s user’s cookies. With this additional and accurate data, Arepa is seeing:

  • An increase in total visitor numbers - due to previously blocked users now being visible in the analytics. Alongside this, returning visitor numbers are increasing, while new visitors decrease - due to cookies being restored for 180 days rather than 24 hours.
  • Direct and unknown sales are decreasing - while all other sales in their channels are increasing.
  • Attribution models have much more data - meaning correct attribution of sales is going into the right channels.
  • User conversion paths have much more data to accurately show the interactions users had with the website over a 180 day period.
  • A reduction in the discrepancy between Google Analytics and all other platforms in regards to conversions, revenue, and sales. 

“We’ve seen an increase in our retargeting ads and can track user journeys more accurately looking across Facebook, Shopify, and Google Analytics”. 

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