How to assess the loss of analytics and conversions inside your platforms.

September 24, 2021

Marketers are facing an uphill battle with maintaining the quality of their analytics (which is potentially the biggest understatement I could make in this industry at present!) 

We’re not just facing the typical hurdles that come with data management… We’re up against iOS updates, Adblocker prevalence, and other evolving privacy measures which have a cascading impact on online user tracking every week.

Not knowing the impact these changes are having on your analytics can be just as problematic as the discrepancies these cause inside your platforms. 

Assuming that channel attribution and other performance metrics are accurate can result in a declining ROAS - or worse, businesses switch off well performing campaigns purely because the performance isn’t being accurately tracked. 

The simplest way to figure out how much data you’re missing out on is by running a trial with RescueMetrics as this will give you a fully transparent report on how much data you’re missing out on - and across which platforms. However, if you’re interested in examining the state of your platforms first to get a rough idea of whether your conversions and analytics are impacted by new online tracking preventions, these are some simple analyses you can do:

Compare your main analytics platform (likely Google Analytics) with what’s in your CRM

Analyse your website visitor stats & ROAS

Compare Ad clicks versus Sessions from Ad campaigns

While inspecting your platforms won’t give you the full picture of data loss, this is a start to see if there are discrepancies impacting the quality of your decision making. Trial RescueMetrics free for 21 days to diagnose your data loss, and improve ROAS.

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