Server-side tracking made simple.

Install RescueMetrics for an automatic server-side tagging set-up – connecting up to 30% more conversions and analytics across your entire MarTech stack.

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A smarter server-side solution.

A one-time install to support your entire stack

With a 2-step set-up, RescueMetrics instantly and incrementally resolves tracking disruptions – with no additional configurations or customization required.

Server-side without server costs

The costs of additional servers, hosting, scaling up for traffic surges, software updates, and other security concerns can be mitigated with RescueMetrics.

A more effective solution to tracking disruptions

Common server-side tracking setups typically only resolve about 20% of data quality issues. RescueMetrics dynamically resolves the problem inside the browser itself – and transparently reports results.

RescueMetrics provides full data protection for your platforms, with a fraction of the effort.

See measurable results through a real-time dashboard, and inside your platforms:

  • Reveal more conversion data
  • Increase ROAS
  • Optimise your Ad platforms with more data
  • Unblock more attribution data to reveal true channel performance
  • Capture full customer journeys​
Before RescueMetrics
Google Analytics before RescueMetricsSegment before RescueMetricsGoogle Ads before RescueMetricsFacebook Ads before RescueMetricsGoogle Optimize before RescueMetrics
After RescueMetrics
Google Analytics after RescueMetricsSegment after RescueMetricsGoogle Ads after RescueMetricsFacebook Ads after RescueMetricsGoogle Optimize after RescueMetrics
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Setting up RescueMetrics is a simple 2-step process. To complete the set-up, you'll need:

  1. Access to your organization's DNS log (or the contact details of someone who does)
  2. Access to the back-end of your website
  3. An estimate of how many monthly average users visit your website

Set-up does not need to be completed in one go – you can return later or pass the link to someone else in your team to complete the steps.

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